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So why post about it here, as opposed to on your own blog? What’s the difference between tweeting a link here rather than just tweeting a link to your own website? Well, yeah. As far as any individual game goes it doesn’t really make much of a difference. HOWEVER, if this actually all goes to plan then it’s not so much about any one game, but about all of them. If there’s a nice convenient location (such as this) where you can browse a whole bunch of games, some of which you knew about already, some of which are entirely new to you – well, this’d be good for all of us, no? And you never know, it might even become a valuable resource for games press too. See the FAQ for more details.

Alright then, so what do I do?

Well, this blog is a free-for-all. So simply register, log-in, and add a post. There are one or two things to note, however:

  1. Only write about your own game(s). Should be obvious, but I’m saying it anyway
  2. Registered users are able to upload media files for screenshots, and if you want a banner image to display on the front page you will need to upload an image – however for the rest, I’d be grateful if you added from a URL instead if possible.
  3. While you’re writing your post, you are free to edit it as much as you like. You can save a draft and modify as much as you like over as many days as necessary. However, once you hit the “Send for Review” button, you’re saying it’s good to go. Once it’s published on the site, it’ll be locked and no further edits will be possible. If it’s absolutely necessary that something in the post needs to change, you can give me a poke on Twitter – but I’d be grateful if this could be kept to a minimum.
  4. You can add as many links as you like where relevant – to your own blog, website, Kickstarter, Greenlight, Steam Store / GOG / Humble / etc page, whatever. But I’d ask that the post you put here has sufficient information, screenshots, etc such that we can find out what your game is about just from this site. In other words, don’t write a post which simply links elsewhere.
  5. If the ‘genre’ category options are woefully inadequate for your game, write “categories: x, y, etc” as the first line of the blog post and I’ll add them in providing you’re not taking the piss 😉
  6. The blog post title should simply be the name of your game – nothing else.
  7. I can’t publish posts while I’m asleep. So depending on your time zone, don’t panic if it doesn’t appear immediately 😉
  8. Try to make the blog posts look nice :)

Are there any restrictions on what I can post?

  1. It should be a game 😉
  2. It should specifically be your game 😉
  3. It should be in a state such that the inclusion of screenshots is possible

It’s possible, depending on how this all turns out, that there may be further restrictions in the future – such as target platforms (e.g. PC / Mac / Linux etc.) or non-free games only (not that free games aren’t important, just that the purpose of this site is really to try and help people trying to make a living off this stuff). But for the present, the above suffices.

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