1. What the fork is a “plebeloper”?
  2. I’m not a “pleb”, you arsehole!
  3. So what’s this all about then?
  4. Can’t I just put it on Itch.io instead?
  5. Can I post about a game I’m publishing?
  6. Someone else posted about my game!
  7. If I register, do you promise not to use my email address for nefarious purposes?

What the fork is a “plebeloper”?

It’s almost exactly like an “indie” developer except without the arguments about what the Hell actually constitutes “indie”. You see, and boy this is clever, in a masterstroke of genius I have conflated the words “pleb” and “developer” into one amazingly awesome singular term. Do you develop games pretty much by yourself, or as part of a tiny team? Do you struggle for press attention because you can’t afford to jet around the world to all of the bazillion conferences every year? Congratulations – you’re a plebeloper whether you like it or not.

I’m not a “pleb”, you arsehole!

Fine, fine. Be like that then. But I only mean it in the “ordinary person” sense – we’re not competing as part of The Four Yorkshiremen sketch although were we to, I’m bagsying Marty Feldman.

So what’s this all about then?

Well, it’s kind of an experiment. I’m calling it that in case nobody posts anything here and the whole thing ends up an unmitigated failure. In such an event I can then conclude the experiment and shirk all responsibility.

However, in the unlikely event this all works as planned, the idea is basically to have a single site (this one) where indie developers plebelopers can submit posts about their games (either in development or recently released) so that we’ve got an easy to browse centralised location for all those games you may never otherwise have heard about. It’s hard to get people and press to hear about your games, I’m hoping this may help. Because it’s essentially self-publishing, there’s no requirement of having an editor trawl through a gazillion websites or social media to find new and exciting games to write about – you just plug your own.

I’m hoping that this could then lead to increased press awareness of some of these games – it would save them a whole heap of time if they could just come here, have a little scroll through the latest posts and think, “oh hey! I hadn’t heard of this one – this seems really interesting I think I shall write about it!” That’d be nice, eh?

I suppose I should also take a moment to consider the minuscule possibility of this working too well. There are, after all, a flupping truck load of games being made and if absolutely everyone posted here, we’d end up with an unmanageable mess of content whizzing down the page at light-speed. That would be a nice problem to have, though, so we can just deal with that later if it ever happens.

Can’t I just put it on Itch.io instead?

Yes. But your game might still be in development or something. I don’t know. All I know is, despite there being loads of places to put your game up for sale / download, there’s still lots of talk from developers about how hard it is to get eyes on their game. So a problem still seems to exist despite how great these places are for hosting / selling / finding etc. games. Will this site help? Buggered if I know. And if you think this is the shittest idea imaginable, then feel free to ignore it and if everyone thinks that, then I’ll quietly ditch the whole thing and pretend it never happened.

Can I post about a game I’m publishing?

Er… well, if you’re a publisher then you’re not a plebeloper are you? So… well… no. Shouldn’t you be spending some cash on advertising your client’s game rather than posting on free websites like this, anyway? WINKYFACE. Obviously, there’s a good chance I won’t notice – but the whole point of this site is for people who are trying to drum up interest in their own games and lack a PR department or publishers to do that for them.

Someone else posted about my game!

I will do my best to do cursory checks on who posted the article (and from which email address), but there are limits to what I can achieve. For example, someone may have registered using a personal GMail account which I can’t really determine is actually someone from indie dev company A without rather a lot of trawling around the internet. That said, if someone writes a malicious post about a game they hate, that will be pretty easy to spot and won’t get published. If something about your game does end up here and you don’t actually want it here (perhaps you don’t feel the game is ready to show just yet) then give me a poke on Twitter and I’ll remove it.

If I register, do you promise not to use my email address for nefarious purposes?

Firstly, thankyou for overestimating my ability to accomplish that sort of thing. Secondly, yes I do. I might contact you directly if something needs discussing about a post you make here, but I say that only in an “on the off-chance” kind of way.

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