Super Mixtape


Super Mixtape is a retro physics based rhythm-puzzle-platformer where you guide cassette tape ‘Mix’ across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides, completing puzzles as you progress to find the perfect beat.

With a nostalgic late 80’s narrative and levels build to a beat that you control, define your own path using refined physics, unique mechanics and a fully interactive soundtrack that shapes the very landscape and its formidable puzzles around you.

“It throws everything you know about the standard platformer out of the window and creates its own rules.” – Otaku.

Super Mixtape

Current Features

  • World Flip – Flip the world, like a cassette, playing forwards and backwards.
  • Tumble – Allowing the player to correct themselves and rotate in the air. Challenging the rules of traditional 2D gameplay by allowing player rotation.
  • Jump and Physics – The jump in Super Mixtape is like no other jump and required the player to jump from either the left side or the right side to gain height or distance based on the physics applied to the cassette. Supported by a considered and natural control scheme.
  • Beat Switches – Being able to ‘switch the beat’ remixes the audio in the game and areas of the level will react to the change. The ‘beats’ are colour coordinated with supported differentiating patterns to assist players who suffer with colour-blindness or colour vision deficiencies.
  • Puzzles – Navigate across puzzles in each level.
  • Audio – The audio progresses with you as you progress through the levels.


Planned Features

  • Narrative (currently being developed)
  • 5 feature rich environments across multiple acts creating hours of fresh gameplay
  • More puzzles
  • OST – Original Sound Track featuring 12 full length customisable tracks
  • Localisation in multiple languages including Russian, German, Polish
  • Local Multiplayer (Depending on testing)
  • Modding Support (Depending on testing)



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